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Hello again

It's been a while since my furst introduction so I finked it was time fur a hopdate.

I've settled in really well to my granddad's warren and I'm behaving well so far - well, you have to let the 2-foots develop a false security and then go for it, don't you. In 2 weeks I have deposited just one tiny poop on the carpet and that was an accident. No puddles yet and I haven't sprayed yet either. Give it time, I say and I have my eyes set on that very expensive white carpet should mum ever misbehave.

I enjoy my fuss and cuddles. Although I'm confined overnight because I'm not fully trusted with the wires.... the wires.... ahhhhh, the wires, I lubs wires...... and so fur I've chomped through a heatpad cable, light cable, USB cable so mum's gone and covered them all in protective stuff.

I'm getting mum well trained. I know exactly how to get her attention and it never fails. I also know that if I go quiet she finks I'm up to no good and comes looking for me.

I'm getting into my daily routine - I'm let out as soon as mum emerges from her nestbox, do a Buncle Gus by tearing around the chimney stack three times and then I flop for fuss and lick mum's paws.

I'm a hungry lad and a growing lad so if breakfast is late then I climb into my kitchen cupboards and help myself to pellets straight from the storage bucket and climb onto the hay pile fur dessert. Then I have lubs, another hop around and then hop onto my windowsill to sleep it all off and watch the horses and a few 2-foots go past. Sometimes I wave at them but mostly I just snooze.

Yesterday I found my dear late-granddad's bag of treats that he used to stand and bed for and today started tossing them around. Mum looked a bit sad but then smiled - hopparently this is the last thing my late-granddad played with following his spinal injury. Mummy said I have many of his traits so I finks she lubs me.

When mummy came back from having her van bashed last week, she looked up to my window and our eyes met and then I could see she lubs me lots.

Willy xxx


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Nov. 24th, 2015 05:47 pm (UTC)
We are pleased you have settled into your new burrow and it appears you are going to make a great SBS agent. Darcy thinks you are gorgeous and loves your ears (she is a bit of a flirt) and has upset Annie a few times when she has complimented Smokey on his good looks
Mitzi and Danny
Nov. 24th, 2015 08:07 pm (UTC)
Ahhhh, we think you're absolutely pawsome Willy. And if you're anything like your Granddad or Buncle Gus, you'll soon be the boss of the burrow.

Sounds like you're settling in very well. You're Mummy has been very well trained, so maybe just a little fine tuning and you'll have her eating out of you paw.


Helga & Dolly xx
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